About North Pacific Properties
We are serious about YOUR success.

North Pacific Properties is a rapidly growing real estate company serving the Greater Puget Sound. We are constantly evolving year by year, utilizing the most advanced technology and tools to help guarantee financial success for both its Brokers and clients.

It is time to join a brokerage that provides you with the best opportunity to succeed in Real Estate. Whether you are a brand new broker seeking direction or an experienced veteran, we offer all of the latest tools available to help you become successful along with our continued training and support.

Tools & Resources To Help You Succeed

It is our desire to help you succeed in real estate.

Tools and Support

North Pacific Properties is a successful real estate company with unrivaled tools and support. Our goal is to give our brokers the help they need to guarantee financial success. We pride ourselves on staying current with trends and technology to provide our brokers with all of the bells and whistles available.

Commission checks are almost always available the same day our corporate office receives the closing check.

North Pacific Properties offers 2 outstanding office locations. Our brokers enjoy using our offices to schedule meetings with your clients. Take advantage of our work spaces, computers, WIFI, conference rooms, copiers and more at no charge. We plan to open another office on the Eastside within the next year.

The question isn’t: "why would you work with North Pacific Properties"

It's more like: "Why wouldn’t you work for North Pacific Properties"?

Free Training Classes For Our Brokers

Receive one-on-one attention from our friendly staff.


As a Broker with North Pacific Properties, you will not be left out in the cold to fend for yourself. We care about your real estate career and our goal is to help you succeed! North Pacific Properties offers one-on-one attention and training for both new and seasoned real estate brokers.

North Pacific Properties offers the following career classes to help "jump start" your real estate career! We offer a variety of FREE educational classes to give you a competitive edge over the competition. Each class provides you with the education and tools to help you succeed as a real estate broker - from understanding real estate contracts to successful marketing strategies.

Purchase & Sale Agreements: (class may take 2 hours or less)
This class will help you understand how to correctly complete a Purchase Agreement and explain each paragraph to your client. The class is designed to help you understand the importance of completing an enforceable offer to help your clients reach mutual acceptance. Upon completion of this class you will have an understanding of real estate contracts and how best to use them.

Listing Agreements & CMA's: (class may take 2 hours or less)
This class will help you explain a Listing Agreement to the Seller and how to correctly complete the form. The Listing Agreement has a time frame upon which the listing must be input into the NWMLS system. If you miss this time frame you have no Listing Agreement. The class will also show you how to use the NWMLS CMA (Comparative Market Analysis) system showing and explaining the market value of a home. You will receive a completed Listing Agreement along with the CMA system completed and saved to your LAG number on NWMLS.

Prospecting and Business Planning: (class may take 1 1/2 hours or less)
"Jump start" your business! Learn how to write a Marketing Plan and develop Prospecting ideas that will help you start and grow your business. This class will discuss different ways to successfully market yourself and how to add a support team to your business.

Listing Presentations and Business Resume's: (class may take 1 1/2 hours or less)
Explore the North Pacific Properties Listing Presentation and learn how to customize it to your satisfaction. You will need either Power Point or Google Drive to open and view the presentation. The class will also teach you how to create and develop a resume about your business. Each Listing Presentation should have a Business Resume' explaining your business strategy and how you will out-perform the competition.

How to Work an Open House to gain more clients: (class may take 1 1/2 hours or less)
Working an Open House can be fun if you know what you are doing! This class teaches you the different strategies to working an Open House. Learn how to gather information from the NWMLS Matrix system and how Title Representatives can help you too. Class will give you ideas, written material and demonstrate how best to greet those who tour your Open House.

New Broker One on One Training Classes: (class time is scheduled by the New Broker)
Learning how to manage and develop a career in Real Estate is very difficult when you are unable to attend a calendar class. Our one on one classes give the new broker the privilege of scheduling their own classes on days they "can" attend. We believe a new broker needs training right away and this allows him or her to attend a class the day after they join our Firm.

Generous Commission splits

Grab you calculator and see why brokers choose NPP.

Generous Commission Splits

No Franchise Fees | No Broker Fees | No Realtor Fees
Choose Your Plan Below

100% Commission Program

(for experienced brokers)

$199 Monthly Fee, $550 Transaction Fee

90% / 10% Commission Program

(for experienced brokers)

NO Monthly Fee, $199 Transaction Fee

80% / 20% Commission Program

NO Monthly Fee, NO Transaction Fee

70% / 30% Commission Program

(Newly Licensed Brokers)

NO Monthly Fee, NO Transaction Fee

Our Brokers Are Superior

Our team of real estate brokers are the finest in the region.

Our Brokers are Superior

A North Pacific Properties Broker is:

  • A dynamic real estate professional, fiercely committed to advocating on their clients behalf
  • Responsive and dedicated to steadfast, easy communication and accessibility to clients.
  • An entrepreneurial individual with a unique personality and style
  • A creative thinker with a knack for problem-solving and excellent negotiation skills
  • A real estate expert who knows the local market and its neighborhoods better than most of the people living there
  • Approachable and backed by North Pacific Properties’ unrivaled technology tools, support and an in-house staff on stand-by to help coordinate and support your transaction

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Three Locations to Better Serve You and Your Clientele

Seattle North Pacific Properties Location


2224 Queen Anne Ave. N
Seattle, WA 98109

Ph: 206.781.0186

Lynnwood North Pacific Properties Location


16108 Ash Way, STE 108
Lynnwood, WA 98087

Ph: 425.967.3574

North Pacific Properties - Bellevue Office


2018 156th Ave NE
Bellevue, WA 98007

Ph: 425.454.2400

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Joshua Fant

Joshua Fant

Designated Broker/Owner

Joshua Fant was born in Cleveland, OH and moved to Seattle, WA in 1994. He began his real estate career in 2000 when he bought his first rental property. After this first purchase he was hooked. He continued to purchase more rental properties throughout the decade and never looked back. His focus was on buying fixers with the potential for multiple streams of income. He bought houses, remodeled them and rented them out. Joshua later used his newly discovered remodeling expertise to buy, remodel and sell properties in the North Seattle area in addition to subdividing property for resale.

During the decade, Joshua learned that he had a flair for property management. His properties were perpetually rented and in good physical condition. Most importantly, his tenants liked him and the rental income always flowed in like clockwork. Joshua began managing properties other than his own and eventually started North Pacific Properties to share his expertise with a larger audience.

Joshua Fant is a Washington State Licensed Designated Real Estate Broker. He was also a licensed Loan Originator for the State of Washington and transacted over 100 mortgages from 2003 – 2008.

Joshua Fant will tell you that he is obsessed with the business of real estate and eager to learn more every day while constantly expanding his business.

Cynthia Malone

Branch Managing Broker

Cynthia loves her job as Office Managing Broker with North Pacific Properties. She has an ongoing commitment to education, which includes staying up to date on market trends to train new brokers. In addition, she provides support for existing brokers and assists them with their business. With her vast knowledge of Contract Law and years of experience, she is a strong advocate for her brokers.

The Real Estate Industry is continuously changing in many ways. Our level of professionalism towards all who work in this industry must improve. Our Clients/Customers need to understand their own duties as well as those of their Listing or Selling Broker. Brokers should always put their Clients/Customer’s best interest first before accepting the responsibility of representation.

Cynthia specializes in residential sales which includes single-family, multi-family, mobile homes and vacant land. She has been licensed as a Managing Broker in Washington State for over 20 years. Cynthia is a born and raised Washingtonian and offers personal knowledge of the individual neighborhoods of Seattle, as well as other cities and towns throughout Puget sound.

As a Branch/Office Manager, over the years her expertise has earned her many awards for achieving a high level of office production. Cynthia is a Manager who consistently strives to achieve success for all her brokers. She is always available, either in the office for one-on-one consultations or by phone when away from the area. Contact Cynthia if you would like to know more about what North Pacific Properties has to offer you