Consider if Buying a Home is for You

Many people harbor secret fears about buying a home, and some of those fears are justified. Not everybody is cut out to own a home, and if you’re one of those people, it’s better to find this out now than when you’re under contract.

Get Your Finances in Order

Line up your financing, set aside a down payment and study the loan programs available. By doing your homework, you will know exactly how much you can pay and what it will cost you.

Pick a Real Estate Agent to Help with Buying a Home

With so much information available online, you might wonder why you need an agent at all. But all local markets vary from one another, and a good agent can guide you by giving you information based on experience and market knowledge.

Learn How to Avoid Home Buying Mistakes

The best way to avoid making a home buying mistake it to learn from the mistakes others have made before you. Buying a home in a desirable location is your best defense. Remember: location, location, location.

Make an Offer and Negotiate Like a Professional

Although buying a home is not like buying a car, North Pacific Properties will help negotiate to get a good price.

Closing on Your Home

Transactions generally close within 30 to 60 days after your offer has been accepted. Remember to reserve movers or a moving truck early because many people move at the end of the month.