The Tangletown neighborhood is bounded on the south by N 50th Street, on the west by Green Lake Way N, on the north by N 60th Street, and on the east by Interstate 5, beyond which is the University District. Its main thoroughfares are Meridian Avenue N, Kirkwood Place N, and Latona Avenue NE (north- and southbound) and NE 56th Street (east- and westbound).

The neighborhood was given the name “Tangletown” years ago, when a streetcar interchange occupied the space where businesses and condominiums now stand. An alternative explanation is that the name comes from the disturbance of Seattle’s street grid in this transition zone, where Wallingford shades into the Green Lake neighborhood. The neighborhood is thought to have been created by real estate agents during the housing boom.

Tangletown is a neighborhood that appears from the mist when you’re least expecting it. Sitting at the nexus of the tangled roads East of Greenlake (hence the name), Tangletown can be nearly impossible to find except by accident. Once there, it is a tiny oasis of shops and dining. Several beer pubs are located in or near the Tangletown neighborhood. The neighborhood is home to the popular vegan donut shop, Might-O, and according to Seattle locals, one of the better sushi restaurants around, Kisaku.