Portage Bay is a tiny little neighborhood snuggled against the body of water it draws its name from. Its boundaries are defined by Interstate 5 to the east, State Route 520 to the south, and Lake Washington to the north and west. It’s a convenient location for residents looking to alternate between several areas of Seattle–having quick access to the floating 520 bridge, I-5 bridge, or main streets flowing south and southwest.

Bridges, boats, and floating water homes give Seattle’s Portage Bay a unique nautical flavor. Many of the waterfront homes in this neighborhood are literally inches away — if not right on top of Lake Washington. A fun fact: this neighborhood may look oddly familiar because Portage Bay was featured in “Sleepless in Seattle.”

It is quiet, gorgeous, and heavily wooded. With plentiful access to the water, it is one of the most relaxing central Seattle neighborhoods.