Wedgwood is a middle class residential neighborhood of northeast Seattle, with a modest commercial strip. Wedgwood is located about two miles north, and slightly east of the University of Washington. It’s about six miles northeast of Downtown.

Mr. & Mrs. Nick Jacklin opened the first store in what is now Wedgwood in 1922, before either electricity or city water reached the neighborhood. The building still survives as the garage of a house in the 7500 block of 35th Avenue NE. Today, there is a shopping district along 35th Avenue NE, with concentrations of stores at NE 75th Street and NE 85th Street, including a supermarket at each of these corners. There is a lesser concentration near NE 95th Street that includes the Fiddler’s Inn bar, a live music venue, one of relatively few this far from the center of the city. Near that intersection, a gas station, veterinary office, and east-coast style Hunan Chinese restaurant and bar reside. The Wedgwood Broiler is a quintessential ’50s American style neighborhood restaurant and bar.

And while 35th Avenue NE doesn’t rise to the level of having “street life”, it does have a good smattering of businesses, including numerous banks, a U.S. Post Office, coffee shops, restaurants, several popular bars, a dance school, a dry cleaner, the Seattle branch of the Audubon Society, miscellaneous medical offices, and a variety of retail stores, mostly independent.

On NE 68th Street, just south of what the city unofficially defines to be Wedgwood is the Seattle Public Library North East Branch, the largest neighborhood branch and the second busiest public library, second only to the Seattle Central Library. At NE 70th Street is the Grateful Bread Cafe, a bakery-coffeehouse that sometimes hosts live music and community events, and Seattle-based Top Pot Donuts.

The Wedgwood neighborhood is home to many schools: Wedgwood Elementary School, Our Lady of the Lake Parish School (Roman Catholic), Concordia Lutheran School, Eckstein Middle School, and University Prep.

Of these, perhaps the most notable is University Prep, one of Seattle’s leading secular preparatory schools.