Denny-Blaine is a neighborhood in east central Seattle, Washington. It is bounded on the east by Lake Washington, on the south by E. Howell Street, on the west by 32nd Avenue, and on the north by Lake Washington Boulevard E., Hillside Drive E., and E. Prospect Street.

The neighborhood’s main thoroughfares are E. Denny Way, E. Harrison Street (east- and westbound), Dorffel Drive E., Lake Washington, and McGilvra Boulevards E. (north- and southbound).

Denny Blaine is a small, yet desirable neighborhood of Seattle. It was developed by Elbert F. Blaine and Charles L. Denny. Denny Blaine features fantastic waterfront real estate and residents enjoy a variety of parks.

While the Denny Blaine neighborhood has easy access to restaurants and shops in Madison Park, Madrona, Leschi, and beyond, there is no commercial real estate in the neighborhood.