Alki (Alki Point) is the westernmost point in the West Seattle district of Seattle, Washington. Alki is the peninsular neighborhood surrounding it. Jutting out into Puget Sound it also marks the southern extent of Elliott Bay. A line drawn northwest to West Point marks the division between bay and sound.

Alki Beach is the main tourist attraction at Alki Point. It features sand, saltwater, bungalows, and unique local restaurants. It is generally not a popular swimming beach, owing to the cold waters of the Puget Sound. It offers stunning views of the Olympic Mountains and downtown Seattle from all points. Alki Beach is also a place to “people watch” or get a tan, and it provides a casual environment for people to gather and hang out. There is access for wheelchair users and roller-skaters. [4] In the summer months, Alki Beach becomes crowded, especially on weekends. Sunbathers, volleyball nets, and barbecues fill the beach while teens cruise in eye-catching cars. Tourist attractions include the miniature of the Statue of Liberty and the iconic Alki Point Lighthouse. The main commercial strip in West Seattle, uphill from Alki Beach, California Avenue SW provides five-and-dime shops and diners that recall earlier decades.